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Разработчик Woodruff-Sawyer & Co

Employee Benefits, Easily Communicated

Woodruff-Sawyer & Company is proud to announce the BenefitStream mobile app: an employee benefits communication platform specifically created to service Woodruff-Sawyer clients.

BenefitStream is an exclusively designed business mobile application, built to simplify employee benefits communication. Fully functional on iOS devices and downloadable from the iTunes, the intrinsic flexibility of the employee benefits platform enables content to be viewed on virtually every mobile device.

BenefitStream is a highly versatile and secure platform, handling private access to your employment benefits resources, links, videos, and more. The BenefitStream app is flexible to suit unique content and is driven by simplicity—fewer clicks to get the answers you need. Simply download the app at no extra cost, and use the company ID and password for immediate on-demand access.

Access Your Information from Anywhere

•Capable of Streaming Company Videos

•Access to Useful Resources and Links

•Important Contacts—Broker, Carrier, Client

•View your Benefits Information, including Wellness Programs, 401(k) Information, and more

BenefitStream was developed for exclusive use by Woodruff-Sawyer clients for no additional fee. Simply download and log in using your company ID and password for an enhanced employee experience in the palm of your hand.